VR Wall frame

VR 12 & 20

NameVR 12-S
Width501 mm
Depth390 - 610 mm
Height622 mm
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NameVR 20-S
Width501 mm
Depth390 - 610 mm
Height978 mm
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  • Open wall stand for 19-inch installation.
  • VR is available in heights of 12 and 20 HU.
  • The stand is made of sheet steel.
  • VR have a maximum load capacity of 50 kg (maximum distance between the 19” plane and center of gravity of the equipment of 150mm).
  • Steplessly adjustable depth from 390 to 610 mm with two pairs of wall mountings TFGR 2000 (included with stand).
  • Designed for Quick and easy assembling.
  • Holes in side for attaching cable clips.
  • Surface treatment, textured black RAL 9005.
  • Supplied unassembled, with all fitting components included.

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