NSVE Wall cabinet

NSVE generation 2 is a series of wall-mounted enclosures that offer excellent value for money. The rack are designed to provide optimal
access and plenty of depth. The enclosures in this series can be used for passive and active components.

The NSVE series is available in heights of 6, 10, 15 and 21 HU in combination with depths of 465 and 635 mm.

Select the width, depth, height and colour you search for

  • Made of sheet steel, aluminium profiles and die-cast zinc corner pieces.
  • Finish: Enoc System textured beige.
  • Glass or metal door. Glass door is made of smoke-coloured safety glass, metal door is made of sheet steel. Doors reinforced with aluminium profiles and sheet steel.
  • Door opening angle 180°.
  • Locking knob LS 15 with standard lock cylinder for key C101.
  • Sheet steel side panels, easy to detach, fixed with a screw from the inside.
  • The top and bottom have a new larger adjustable cable gland with a foam plastic seal. Knock-out panel can be replaced with ventilation plates (VPE) or fan packages (FPME).
  • One pair of 19-inch profiles (482.6 mm) pre-fitted 110 mm in from the enclosure front, can be repositioned at 30 mm intervals through half the depth of the enclosure.
  • Extra pair of 19″ profiles available as accessory.
  • Supplied with cover panel (TPA) installed in the 19-inch profiles. (Does not apply to 6HU.)
  • Back/mounting panel (BS NSVE) available as accessory.
  • Wall attachment profile for quick wall installation.
  • Maximum static load 50 kg.
  • Ingress protection class IP 20.

Locking knob LS 15 with saftey cylinder C101.
2 keys C101.
2 19″ profiles