NSHV Wall cabinet

NSHV is a compact wall-mounted rack for small network installations or installations in an office environment. With 19” vertical installation, a height of
4 HU can be achieved in an enclosure depth of only 220 mm. The enclosure has two doors for optimal access and a generous assembly depth of 490 mm.

NameNSHV 626
Width600 mm
Depth220 mm
Height600 mm
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NameNSHV 626-P
Width600 mm
Depth220 mm
Height600 mm
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  • Made of bent sheet steel.
  • Two doors – side door and front door.
  • The side door is made of sheet steel or a combination of glass and sheet steel. Lock LS 35 with standard lock cylinder for key C 101.
  • Door opening angle 110°.
  • Sheet steel front door, lock LS 35 with standard lock cylinder.
  • Door opening angle 180°.
  • Sheet steel side panels with holes for vertical mounting of accessories.
  • The top and bottom have an adjustable cable gland with a foam plastic seal and a ventilation grid that can be fitted with a fan (FT 01) or filter (LG 10K).
  • Fixed 19-inch sheet steel frame (482.6 mm) fitted 100 mm in from the enclosure front.
  • Fixed integrated back panel with keyholes in several directions for flexible wall mounting.
  • Maximum assembly depth 490 mm.
  • Ingress protection class IP 20
  • Finish: Enoc System textured beige.

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