S1 Server Rack 19″

New upgraded S1 Server Rack, Improved and more secure design

  • New and more stable, attractive door.
  • New handle with safety lock LS95 X1.
  • New door corner profiles in metal.
  • New more stable door hinge in metal.
  • Finish: black RAL9005 or white RAL9003.

Good With space

With the option of off-centre positioning, you can create plenty of space where you need it. A large space on both sides, or an extra large space on one side

Easy to install

S1 is built with aluminium profiles and supports up to 1,500 kilos. The enclosure is assembled with nothing but screws, making it easy to assemble, dismantle and reassemble. The S1 can be adapted as your business grows and changes.

Design without sharp edges

Enoc IT racks look so good that they are as suitable in an office as in a server room. The S1 is definitely no exception. Its rounded corners give it a sleek look. Concealed screws, aluminium profiles and an integrated door contribute to a streamlined appearance.

The S1 series with black cabinets is available in the heights of 24, 42 and 47 HU in combination with 600 and 800 mm widths and 1000 and 1200 mm deep.
The S1 series with white cabinets is available in the heights of 42 and 47 HU in combination with 600 and 800 mm widths and 1000 and 1200 mm deep.
Other sizes and colors are available on request.

Select the width, depth, height and colour you search for

  • Screw-assembled frame with aluminium profiles and die-cast zinc corners. The frame has two integrated vertical screw pockets in each corner profile for universal mounting of accessories.
  • Frame can be dismantled by means of screws.
  • Finish: Black RAL9005 or white RAL9003.
  • Ingress protection class IP20.
  • Maximum static load 1,500 kg, and devided on 4 19″ profiles.
  • Front and rear door is made of 1 mm perforated sheet steel built into an aluminium frame. 85% perforation (hexagonal) on perforated surface area. LS 95 ergonomic locking handle with C101 safety cylinder. Can be adapted for other lock systems. Integrated quick lock system allows door to be removed without use of tools. Door opening angle >180° in single enclosure configuration. Right-hinged, can be re-hung to be left-hinged..
  • Sheet steel side panels, easy to detach and lockable from inside. Integrated handle for easier handling.
  • The top consists of replaceable modular panels. One panel has cable glands with brush strip on the back and the rest are cover plates. Can be replaced with ventilation panels, fan packages or panels with integrated cable glands. All modules can be rotated 90° and assembled with the cable glands on the left and/or right side. The U-shaped panel with integrated cable glands makes it easy to move pre-existing installations into the enclosure.
  • The base is open, but can be fitted with cover plate/base plate packages.
  • The 19″ profiles can be steplessly repositioned through the depth of the enclosure. The depth profiles have markings for precise positioning. The 19″ profiles are numbered in height units. The whole assembly can be moved right or left to an off-centre position. Enclosures with a depth of ≤800 mm have one pair of 19″ profiles pre-installed at a depth of 100 mm from the front of the enclosure. Enclosures with a depth of ≥1,000 mm have two pairs of 19″ profiles. One pair is pre-installed at a depth of 100 mm from the front of the enclosure and the other pair is pre-installed 740 mm further in.
High load capacity 1500 kg
Special solutions: Available for customer uniqueness
Stepless 19" setting
Optional color

Locking handle LS 95 with saftey cylinder C101.
4 keys C101.
Depth 600 och 800 mm with 2 19" profiles..
Depth 1000 och 1200 mm with 4 19″ profiles.
Central grounding Point M5 in the corner post.