Electrical panels with Schuko socket vertical

EPU 12

Electrical panels with Schuko socket

Over-voltage protection (ÖSS)

  • Over-voltage protection with three varistors.
  • Two thermal fuses.
  • Optical warning if tripped.

Network/frequency filter (NF)

  • Damps out high frequency disturbances and voltage spikes that arise from power supply. This product can therefore prevent interruptions in operation of the installation.
  • Effective 3-way protection – max load 250 V, 16 A/3600 W.
  • Over-voltage protection – for max 5 kA transient current.
  • Two thermal fuses.
  • Gas-filled discharge tubes to protect from over-voltage.
  • Frequency filter – filters up to 30 Mhz.
  • Damping – 20 dB per decade at 400 Hz.
  • Optical warning if tripped.
  • VDE-approved to standard VDE 0675, protection level D.
NameEPU 12
Number of outlets12
Cable3,0 m
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NameEPK 09
Number of outlets9
Cable3,0 m
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  • Standard Schuko DIN 49440 with aluminium casing and black plastic cover.
  • With or without switch.
  • Variants with over-voltage protection and network/frequency filter.
  • Supplied with 2,0/3,0/5,0/10,0 m cable 3G1.5 mm2 with Schuko plug.
  • Max. total load 250 V, 16 A.

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