FPMH Fan Shelf 19″


NameFPMH 2-S
Width482 mm
Depth190 mm
Height44+13 mm
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  • Fan shelf for 19" installation with 2 fans.
  • FPMH is fitted with build-in thermostat and cable with Schuko plug.
  • Surface treatment, textuerd black RAL 9005.

Fan type: Axial
Rated voltage: 230V/50Hz
Power consumption: 1650 rpm
Capacity max: 16 W
Capacity nominal: 169 m3/h (static pressure = 0 Pa)
Working range: 118 m3/h (70% of max)
Sound level: 40 dB

Type: Bimetal with low hysteresis
Switching capacity: 16A (240 VAC resistive load)
Tolerance: +/- 4° K
Differential: 8 +/- 2° K
Setting range: 0 - 60° C


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