OB Optical splice box

OB 1 Optical splice box

OB X G2 is a series of Optical splice boxes that fits perfectly inside the Enoc O5 fibercabinet.
Each model fills different needs and splice capacity. From 144 normal splices up to 288 splices. All models are manufactured in Aluzinc and painted in RAL 7037.
OB x G2 series is designed with a splice holder where the splices holds in place with rubberband. Each compartments holds up to 8 splices.

NameOB 1 G2
Width215 mm
Depth82 mm
Height490 mm
Fiber splices288
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NameOB 3 G2
Width215 mm
Depth81 mm
Height448 mm
Fiber splices216
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NameOB 4 G2
Width215 mm
Depth53 mm
Height448 mm
Fiber splices144
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NameOB 5 G2
Width129 mm
Depth50 mm
Height372 mm
Fiber splices96
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OB X range
OB 1 G2, for 288 fiber splices, removable two-sided splice tray
OB 3 G2, for 192 fiber splices, two level splice/sling area
OB 4 G2, for 144 fiber splices, one level splice/sling area
OB 5, for 96 fiber splices, small installations

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