EHDC Cooling units OL


EHDC-S1 DX units are suitable solutions for data centers of any size. The heat load absorbed by the refrigerant gas is released
to the external environment through modular motor-condensing units, with a cooling capacity from 4 kW to 20 kW.

  • CW cooling unit.
  • Fan Hot Swap: Through fan switches on a multiswitch bar, power supply of each single fan can be interrupted to allow maintenance operations, while the other fans keep on working.
  • CW valve with proportional control: The CW valve receives a modulating signal from the C2020 controller to vary the water flow through the heat exchanger, in order to adjust the unit
    cooling capacity to the actual heat load. CW valve is available in two versions: 3 way valve for constant flow system, and 2 way valve for variable flow system.
  • C2020 controller is installed on board the EHDC-S1 to manage all functions. The keypad is the user interface, which allows it to display operating states and alarms.
  • AC fans or EC fans as option: It is possible to equip all models with EC fans. EC fans operate more efficient than AC fans. EC fans have continuous modulation of speed and also low noise level at reduced speed.
  • Condensing pump is standard on version with piping connection from the top.
  • Network Management: The EHDC-S1 solutions for networking allows a continuous and efficient monitoring for airconditioning systems. Network Management allows the adjustment of set points,
    plant monitoring and display of operating parameters on two different control units, PC or on-site BMS. For further information contact Enoc.
  • Screw-assembled frame with aluminium profiles and die-cast zinc corners. The same design and functionality as the S1 server rack from Enoc.
  • Finish: Black RAL9005