KKDW G3 1220L 22-M



KKD G3 is a series of flexible door sections for creating aisle containments together with S1 server enclosures. Standard models for 1200 mm aisle width and cabinet height of 2000 and 2200 mm.
Door sections in customized aisle widths are available on request. Four function levels: manual, synchronic, self-closing and automatic.

Each door blade is manually operated.

Left and right door blade with simultaneous running. Pushing one will automatically operate the other (only in two door versions).

Door blades are spring operated. Doors will self-close when released. System includes soft-close system that catches the door blades the last part and gently closes the door section.

Door blades are operated with an electric motor. The system contains two radars, one of each side of the door, that triggers door opening. The doors will self-close when untriggered.



  • Double door configuration.
  • Fixing on two Enoc S1 racks (1000 or 1200 mm deep and 2000 or 2200 mm high).
  • Standard aisle width of 1200 mm. Other widths available on request.


  • Single door configuration for single row aisle close to a wall.
  • Fixing on one Enoc S1 rack (1000 or 1200 mm deep and 2000 or 2200 mm high) and on to a wall.
  • Standard aisle width of 1200 mm. Other widths available on request.


  • Extremely stable door beam from end to end of cabinet. Aluminum cover in one single piece.
  • 4 function levels: Manual, Synchronic´Self-closing, Automatic.
  • KKD G3 for two row aisles and KKDW G3 for one row aisles next to a wall.
  • Door blade in 4 mm in fully tempered security glass framed in an aluminum frame with built in handles.
  • Free walking height is the same as cabinet height, 2000 or 2200 mm.
  • Finish: Enoc textured black RAL 9005.
  • Delivered unmounted including all fixing material.
  • Art no 57979, KKTW G3 Wall-fixing required for wall-fixing of KKDW.
NameKKDW G3 1220L 22-M
Overall Aisle width1200 mm
Max opening880 mm
Cabinet height2000 mm
E-number product0
Country of OriginSE
Product EAN code7330701098703
Product height2000

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