Special solutions

Endless possibilities that focus on your needs

Focusing on a customer’s specific needs is central in our product development and having an eye for detail and technical design. At Enoc we are committed to finding the solution that best fits you. That is what we call “The Enoc Way”.

Smart chimney solutions

A unique and space-saving cooling concept with chimneys on top of the enclosures are designed to separate cold and hot air zones. At Enoc we have the technical expertise required to offer all types of cooling concepts to improve efficiency in data centers.

Lock system adapted for custom needs

Electronic code lock system, tag readers or lock systems with adapting properties. We have a wide range of locking systems to prevent unauthorised access to equipment in the enclosures.

Special PDU:s for special demands

If our standard PDU:s don’t fit your requirements we can offer PDU:s with special configurations. Outlets – C13, C19, Schuko, French – are available in any quantity. Inlets, from 1-phase 10A C14 to 3x32A IEC. Functions, from switchable high end PDU:s to basic PDU:s with a built-in ampere meter.

Space-saving solutions

Our extendable enclosures provide a stable and quiet solution to protect data centers found in confined spaces. The example shown to the left is an enclosure for Lüssern-werft yachts.

Special corridor solutions

Our special corridor solutions can fit into different types of server rooms with low ceilings, roof sections and various types of enclosure heights.