Customer satisfaction. Enoc listens to your needs.

At Enoc we have the knowledge and the experience to protect and maximize our customer´s investments with solutions specially designed for their needs and requirements. We have a strong sales organisation with our own sales force and a network of partners throughout Europe. This enables us to provide excellent services and fast delivery worldwide.

References that inspire

A satisfied customer is our best reference. Below you can read about a few of our customer solutions.

Enoc is proactive and flexible

”For over 15 years we at Cebeo have been working with Enoc. Our collaboration is not only the fruit of good communication with many of Enoc’s representatives, but also the flexibility Enoc provides us in developing and deploying new products. This is an important factor in the data center environment where demands tend to evolve quickly. Our past collaborations with Enoc have been proactive and swift with such projects as the Federal Police data center, European Parliament data center and the very extensive project at FOD Finance in Belgium.”

Cebeo in Belgium, is a distributor in data communication hardware, specializing in data cabling, racks, UPS, power distribution and cooling.

Erik Adriaenssens, regional manager of Cebeo

We regard Enoc more as a partner than a supplier

”Enoc is aware of our needs and has short delivery times. We regard Enoc more as a partner than a supplier. It is a big advantage that Enoc operates in Sweden. It makes it easy to visit them, see their products close up, feel and touch them. Enoc is good at details – everything from code locks to nuts. We feel secure with Enoc.”

Availo has data centers in Stockholm, Linköping and Oslo. The customers vary in size, but most of them are mid-sized companies with a need to hire between
1 and 20 racks.

Erik Kjellin, technical manager for data center Availo

Enoc listen to our needs and provides the solution

“Enoc is flexible to work with and we are very satisfied with their solutions. They listen to our needs and do all they can to find the best solutions. It is easier with a supplier in the same country. Our customers span from multinationals to private clients, so it is vital to have a flexible offering. We have tried various suppliers over the years, and feel we’ve found the right supplier in Enoc.”

GleSYS was proclaimed a gazelle company in 2012. With operations in 110 countries, GleSYS has a stable basis for development. They specialise in server solutions and colocation.

Jonas Björklund, technical manager at GleSYS

“The Prison and Probation Services built a data center at its head office in Norrköping. For us, as the only Swedish manufacturer of server cabinet solutions, this has been a job where we have proved that knowledge and close collaboration in networks provides a good end result! It has been stimulating to demonstrate that we have delivered in such a good and cost-effective way together with all parties involved. We not only delivered products, we also customised our deliveries directly for the site where the data center was being built. This has meant a logistics solution in close collaboration with the installation company – from our server cabinets, right down to the smallest screw.”

Peter Ljunggren, technical sales at Enoc System