Data center

Customized data center solutions

Protect and maximize your data center investment with custom designed solutions. Our flexible server enclosures S1 together with aisle containment solutions to separate hot and cold air is built to optimizing energy efficiency. Together with our cooling systems, locking system and monitoring PDU:s, you have a complete, future-proof and sustainable solution. Easy to install. Flexible solutions with endless possibilities – "The Enoc Way".

Data center

We help you with planning, design and installation of large and small data center solutions. We ensure a solution that best fits your business. We have extensive experience in both small and large installations in Scandinavia as well as in Europe.

Server enclosures with optimal flexibility

Enoc S1 is a series of modular server enclosures with optimal flexibility and stability to protect and organize your IT equipment. Enoc S1 is built with aluminium profiles and has a stable interior that supports loads up to 1500 kilos. The S1 is assembled with screws that ensure a quick and cost effective installation.

Door systems to increase energy efficiency and security

KKD is a series of flexible door sections for creating optimal aisle containments and security. Standard models for 1200 and 1800 mm wide aisles are available. Door sections in customized aisle widths are available on request.

Roof sections – standard or custom-fitted

KKT is a series of flexible roof sections for creating an aisle containment together with S1 server enclosures. Standard models for 1200 and 1800 mm wide aisles are available. The right choice of a cooling system gives the data center an optimal temperature.

Cooling systems for optimal temperature

The right choice of a cooling system together with an effective aisle containment gives the data center an optimal temperature. Our range of high density cooling units are available in a variety of configurations for both large and small data center installations.

Organize and handle large volumes of cables

Our range of cable management products meet your different needs to organize and handle large volumes of cables. Its wide range gives you a premium model with many functions and possibilities down to basic and economy models where economy is important without sacrificing quality.

Improve cooling efficiency in your data center

Enoc EPI is a series of PDU:s designed to achieve an effective management and control of energy flow in the data center. Our PDU:s can be provided with various monitoring functions such as operation environment, cooling, metering and smoke and temperature sensors. Our series of PDU:s cover the complete needs from simple power supply to PDU:s with modules for local and remote monitoring.

Increase security with locking system

We have a wide range of locking systems. Manual or electronic security lock systems ensure only authorised staff with access.

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