HCC with room cooling

HCC, Hot Chimney Containment, our chimney solutions with room cooling are available in different dimensions. Allows flexible placement of racks and cabinets. The design is self-supporting and requires no fixing in top. Cools the entire room.

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Flexible placement

Server racks and cabinets can be placed freely when it comes to cooling. With the back door closed, airflow is led up through the chimney. The whole room is cold, no need for cold or hot corridors. The chimneys are available in different dimensions. The film shows how HCC with room cooling works.

Maximum energy efficiency

Containment systems prevent the hot discharge air from the cooler supply air, managing cooling by separating the airflow. This separation is important to reduce excess heat and “hot spots”, as it has a negative impact on the equipment’s performance and greatly reduces the service life.

A complete system

HCC is a smart chimney solution that cools the entire room. Our aisle containments provide a complete, future-proof and sustainable solution. In addition, they are easy to install. Efficient and flexible with endless possibilities.

  1. HCC Chimney
  2. S1 Server Cabinet adapted to HCC cooling