HAC row

HAC with row cooling

HAC, Hot Aisle Containment with row cooling, provides high efficiency and energy savings. Thanks to the flexible and scalable system, it is possible to customize solutions that provide high redundancy and efficient airflows.

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Customized solutions

Enoc’s modular system is easy and flexible, easy to assemble, supplement, disassemble and reassemble. A scalable solution that grows as your business changes. The film shows how HAC with row cooling works.

Energy saving row cooling

Scalable system where the number of cooling units can be scaled and customized to your needs. The cooling units are close to the computer load, which gives the best effect where it is needed. The hot and dense aisles keep the entire room cold. Smaller cooling units provide high redundancy, which means a cost-effective solution.

A total solution

HAC with row cooling is one of Enoc’s aisle containment solutions for cold/hot rows. Fits with S1 server rack. Supplement with cooling units as well as roof and door sections for a flexible and customized solution. No need for raised floor or recessed ceiling.

  1. KKT G3 Roof sections
  2. KKD Door sections
  3. EHDC Cooling units
  4. S1 Server Cabinet