HAC room

HAC with room cooling

HAC, Hot Aisle Containment with room cooling. Recessed roof with hot air return to cooling units provides high efficiency and energy savings. For hot aisle containment in any dimension. Thanks to the flexible and scalable system, it is possible to customize solutions.

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Any dimension for maximum flexibility

Enoc’s modular system is flexible, scalable and easy to assemble. The design is self-supporting and requires no fixing in top. Keeps the whole room cold. The film shows how HAC with room cooling works.

Cooling the entire room

Optimizing the airflow in your data center with the use of containment solutions has several benefits, including reducing energy costs and improving efficiency. The right choice of cooling system gives the data center an optimal temperature. Our hot and dense aisles prevent the circulation of hot air from being mixed with the cold inlet air.

Space saving solutions

HAC with room cooling provides a stable and quiet solution to protect data centers in confined spaces. Our special corridor solutions fit into different types of server rooms with low ceilings, different roof sections and various cabinet heights.

  1. HAC Hot Aisle Containment
  2. KKD G3 Door sections
  3. S1 Server Cabinet

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