CAC with underfloor cooling

CAC, Cold Aisle Containment, is one of Enoc’s flexible aisle containment solutions for data centers and server rooms. Floor cooling with perforated tiles in the cold aisle, which requires raised floors. Can be retrofitted in existing data centers.

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A flexible system

A flexible and scalable system for smart infrastructure in server rooms and data centers. Enoc’s modular system is easy to assemble and supplement. A solution that lasts as your business grows and changes. The film shows how CAC with underfloor cooling works.

Energy saving room cooling

A cost- and energy-efficient aisle containment solution that makes your data center investment last longer. By separating and circulating the hot and cold air streams, large savings are made possible. Cold air is spread through the raised floor and provides efficient cooling of the IT equipment.

Customized solutions

CAC with underfloor cooling is a solution for hot and cold aisles that fits perfectly with our server cabinet series S1, built with aluminum profiles and in a quality that can withstand 1500 kg. Supplement with flexible roof and door sections for a fully customized solution based on your needs.

  1. KKT G3 Roof sections
  2. KKD G3 Door sections
  3. S1 Server Cabinet