Our concept

Details make the difference

At Enoc we focus strongly on listening to and understanding our customer’s needs in finding solutions and opportunities. This requires flexibility in design, construction, details and manufacturing. Flexibility and customer focus are Enoc’s cornerstones. You see it throughout our production which can quickly adapt after a customer’s need. We have a unique modular system that can be built in a variety of variations. It’s the details that make the difference. We are determined to find a solution that best suits the customer. That’s what we call ”The Enoc Way”.

A modular system with endless possibilites

Enoc’s products have a flexible design which makes them easy to construct in a variety of variations. The modular system, the foundation of our product, basically means that just a few components need to be changed in order to create new solutions and possibilities. By collaborating at an early design stage, we can help to optimize the solution, regardless if it is used for entire server rooms or for individual racks and data cabinets.

Design without the sharp edges

A data cabinet from Enoc can be placed in an office space as well as in the server room. Our data cabinets and enclosures are functional and provide for high performance, but they also have an attractive look. Design is part of our professionalism and important in our product development.

Quality from the ground up

Enoc combines flexibility with quality. We apply this to both our products and business model that is comprised of product development, sales and service. We have an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certification and our quality policy is anchored at every company and employee level. A well organized economy is also a part of Enoc’s quality. Enoc has a AAA credit rating, which is the highest possible rating in Sweden.

High product availability

Our marketing and sales are focused in northern Europe, with subsidiaries in Germany and France. Together with a network of partners we are able to provide a strong sales organisation close to the customer with extensive warehousing to increase product availability.