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We at Enoc System are pleased to have been entrusted with delivering our products to the Prison and Probation Service’s newly built data centre at its head office in Norrköping.
For us, as the only Swedish manufacturer of server cabinet solutions, this has been a job where we have proved that knowledge and close collaboration in networks provides a good end result!
We are of the firm belief that our many years of experience in this area, including our established collaboration with skilled installation companies and dealers in the market, have given us a place in this procurement.
It has been stimulating to demonstrate that we have delivered in such a good and cost-effective way together with the others involved.
Besides the products we delivered, we also customised our deliveries directly for the site where the data centre was being built. This has meant a logistics solution in close collaboration with the installation company – from our server cabinets right down to the smallest screw.

It is always a pleasure when everything works! We are of course part of a whole, but are happy to report what we can do and be – a partner throughout the project, where we can supply unique customer solutions as well as standard solutions.
We have established a good dialogue with project planners and other suppliers in the industry and this usually brings about a good end result – and this is what we have been part of this time with the the Prison and Probation Service as a customer.

This is what we delivered…
35 x 19-inch server cabinets in two different sizes, with an inbuilt construction solution for airflow within the cabinets.
14 energy-efficient, 600 mm water-borne cooling units, each of of 48 kW and of the same design and construction as the server cabinets.
116 3-phase 32A PDUs.
For this we also delivered a complete enclosure solution with doors and roof for a functioning cooling system in the heart of the data centre.

All enquiries are welcome!

Peter Ljunggren
Technical Sales

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