A story that started in Småland

Enoc System is a leading manufacturer of enclosures and accessories for 19-inch installations operating in several northern European countries. But like many other successful companies with their roots in the Swedish province of Småland, Enoc System started on a small scale doing something completely different.

From farming to electrical enclosures
Times were hard in Småland in the early 1930s. In 1935, the farmer Enoc Johansson decided to boost the family’s farming and forestry income. He began manufacturing cast electrical products near the family farm.

Sheet metal and power distribution systems
Production grew, and Enoc’s son Alvar became company manager in 1955. Sheet metal products were added to the company’s cast products, and in 1968 Alvar employed an electrical engineer to broaden production still further. Together, they began developing power distribution systems.

The third generation takes over
20 years later, in 1987, Alvar’s three children took over the company, and Ulf has been the sole owner since 2000. The company added network enclosures and computer installation systems to its productions in the early 1990s, and today’s Enoc System AB began to take shape. In 2001, the company began exclusively manufacturing computer enclosures and related accessories. Today Enoc System is Scandinavia’s leading manufacturer of enclosures and accessories for 19-inch installations.

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1935 Enoc Johansson AB founded by Enoc Johansson
1955 Enoc’s son Alvar takes over the company, name changes to Electro Enoc AB. The company manufactures and sells power distribution products to homes and public premises until 1999.
1992 The company starts manufacturing enclosures for industrial automation.
1993 Computer enclosures and accessories introduced in Sweden.
1995 Enoc System introduced as a product name.
1995 Computer enclosures and accessories introduced in Scandinavia.
1996 The company exhibits at CeBit for the first time.
1997 Sales start in Germany, Iceland and Finland.
1998 Enoc System introduced in France and the Baltics.
1999 Enoc System starts in Belgium.
2000 Introduction of product series NSG / NSV.
2002 Certification according to DIN EN ISO 9001.
2007 Certification according to DIN EN ISO 14001.
2009 Introduction of data centres, cold aisles, advanced electrical panels etc.
2010 Enoc System GmbH (Germany) established.
2010 Enoc System SAS (France) established.
2011 Product series EHDC launched.
2011 Membership of Swedish Technical Committee SEK TK215.

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