Own production and subcontractors

High production and delivery capacity are key factors in Enoc System’s operations. To ensure that we can always meet our promise to customers, we combine in-house production with a network of reliable subcontractors.

Naturally, we have the same high requirements for our subcontractors as we do for ourselves in terms of quality, flexibility and availability.

Finding credible solutions with the help of contractors
This brings many benefits. Because we choose subcontractors with top quality products and services, our design engineers have a broad and multifaceted basis to work from. It quite simply increases their freedom and scope for finding optimal solutions for each customer in terms of both products and projects.

Collaboration allows increased flexibility
As a manufacturer and supplier of enclosures and accessories for computer network and telecom installations, Enoc System works in a continuously evolving and expanding industry. Our ability to quickly and flexibly adapt to change is based on flexible production processes where several players collaborate for optimum results.

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