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Ulf Enocson, CEO

Enoc System – Scandinavia’s leading manufacturer of enclosures
A product strategy focused on market needs and requirements, flexible production processes and carefully selected distributors makes Enoc System a sensitive, effective partner when it comes to network installations and server rooms. Enoc System is Scandinavia’s leading manufacturer of enclosures and accessories for 19-inch installations.

Enoc System is based in Anderstorp in the Swedish province of Småland. Founded back in 1935, the company has grown into one of Scandinavia’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of enclosures and accessories for computer network and telecom installations.

lego1 Flexible production
Enoc System owes its success to a combination of global know-how and the enterprising spirit characteristic of Småland. Our technicians and engineers gain inspiration and information from partners and subcontractors in the countries where we operate. This results in flexible production and the ability to quickly adapt to changing needs and conditions. 

lego1 Design without sharp edges
A computer enclosure from Enoc System is as suitable installed in an office as in a server room. Our enclosures are designed to be functional and high-performing, but also attractive to look at. Design is part of Enoc System’s professionalism and an important part of our product development.

lego1 Quality all the way
Enoc System combines flexibility with quality. This applies both to our individual products and our whole business method, from product development through to sales and customer service. We are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, and our quality policy spans from company level to each employee’s daily work routines.

lego1 Hight product availability
Our marketing and sales organisation is primarily concentrated in northern Europe, with subsidiaries in Germany and France. Together with our collaborative partners, they form an effective sales organisation in close proximity to customers. We have supplemented this with extensive warehousing to ensure maximum product availability.